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Lawyers professionally commited to you

We take a professional, as well as a personal, interest in every matter we work on. Our priority is to provide carefully thought through effective solutions in the quickest and most economic manner. No matter how large or small the case or issue, we will always strive for excellent quality work and excellent results whilst keeping a careful eye on the costs of our services.

In practice we are well aware that the best outcome is not always achieved through a trial or a Court/Tribunal imposed solution. In many cases hearings carry significant and unacceptable risks to clients. We also recognise that clients facing trial incur not only significant financial costs but also many other hidden costs. This is the case whether you are a government agencies, a company, a small business or a private individual associated with our adversarial system of law.

For these reasons our lawyers, although eminently capable of running trials in Courts and Tribunals across Australia, are trained to recognise the importance of commercial settlements and alternate dispute resolution from the moment we first receive instructions to act. We also pride ourselves in our ability to think outside of the square.


For cases which must go to hearing, we offer the services of a team approach together with experienced in-house counsel who is eminently capable of representing our clients in court at all stages of any proceeding through to and including at trial. This almost invariably results in large costs savings to clients.


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