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We are attuned to thinking through legal problems and finding solutions outside the sometimes restrictive traditional court framework. We always encourage clients to consider not just the immediate problem, but also whether there are any wider strategic implications associated with the presentation of a particular line of argument or the pursuit of a particular course of action.


In all areas, we strive to always deliver our services in a professional, honest and ethical manner as well as to maintain the highest standards of excellence and integrity in our service delivery.


We recognise the importance of maintaining up-to-date client knowledge of developments involving their matters without the incurring of excessive legal costs. Our strong view is that clients must be aware of the reasons for and against embarking upon any course of legal action before deciding on a given course. They should also be fully aware of significant developments with their cases as they evolve, as well as the extent of their legal costs exposure at significant stages of a matter’s progression.


Wills & Estates

Making or changing

your will?

Employment & Workers Compensation

Do you have a termination of employment claim or work injury claim?

Family Law

Ending a relationship? 
Let us help


Words can hurt, personally and professionally


Wills & Estates

Do you have a will? Are you an executor or needing help? Have you been unfairly left out?


& Insurance

Litigation with highly experienced litigators and a highly successful track record

Personal Injury


Injured in an accident at work, in a motor vehicle or elsewhere?

Voluntary Adminisation

& Insolvency

Trusted Advisors to Liquidators, Directors and Creditors

Compulsory Acquisition

Has your property or business been compulsorily acquired?



Corporate Structures, Asset Protection, Business Sale Agreements and much more...

Property Law

Landlord and tenant disputes

Building Law

Manage Building Disputes to minimise cost and damage to Builders and Property Owners

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