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Careers at RSA Law


RSA Law is an exciting and energetic place to work.  A key success factor has been the recruitment of skilled and diverse individuals whose ideas and work ethic drive the Firm forward. If you want to work at a firm that promotes achievement and growth, we invite you to learn more about RSA Law.

High Quality and Caliber of Work

Our practitioners work on interesting cases and transactions involving challenging legal issues. Working either as part of a collaborative team or as an individual, you will get stimulating and substantive case experiences, with the additional ability to select cases which cater to your legal interests where appropriate.

Flexible and Inclusive Work Environment

In the post-Covid world we understand the need for flexible work hours to allow our employees to better adapt to the continually evolving situation. We enable you to manage your own time and allow the possibility of working remotely, when possible. 

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Work Life Balance & Health 

Work is necessary to allow you to live comfortably, however real life starts beyond work. At RSA Law our aim is to ensure that the work-life balance of our employees errs on the side of the latter. We believe our team is at its strongest when everyone spends more time outside of the office, than in it. 

We also aim to ensure everyone has a healthy body and mind. Physical and mental health matters, and ensuring our practitioners are happy and healthy is a top priority for us. 

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Community and Pro Bono Programs

Community service and pro bono work form a large part of our culture here in RSA Law. We have taken on pro bono cases against the largest banks and institutions on behalf of clients, whilst at the same time providing community service in areas such as Women's Rights, Indigenous Australians Rights, and Local Business support. 

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